Old Adobe Elementary Charter School
    A California Distinguished School

    Old Adobe is a caring community serving students in grades TK-6th grade.  We are a small school with a big heart. Our program integrates creativity, environmental awareness and a social-emotional focus with rich and rigorous academics.  Students become leaders in their own learning through a wide variety of experiences in art, music, performance, gardening, physical education, reading, field trips, and much more. Parents and families are an active part of Old Adobe and a strong partnership between home and school is valued and encouraged. Together we grow kind, responsible lifelong learners with the foundational skills needed for success in today’s world.  

    An Arts and Ecology Focus

    Old Adobe’s charter is focused on ecology and arts integration.  The arts excite and engage the students while providing many ways for them to demonstrate what they are learning. Creative expression develops a myriad of competencies while using and developing many parts of a child’s brain. Our emphasis on ecology develops the students’ understanding of natural systems and our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other. Science is brought to life through regular work in our edible garden, where the children learn valuable lessons about caring for our planet, nutrition, and the rewarding results of careful planning and hard work. Field trips, guest speakers and hands-on lessons in the classroom deepen their appreciation and caring for our environment.  

    Strong Academics and High Standards

    At Old Adobe we teach the California state standards using carefully selected district adopted curriculum along with the arts and ecology focus outlined in our charter.  Students set personal goals for academic growth and are supported enthusiastically in reaching them.  Technology is integrated into the school day for individualizing learning, researching, developing presentations, and many other purposes. Our goal is to offer a well-rounded, challenging, arts-infused curriculum that gives children a strong academic foundation and the interpersonal skills needed for success far beyond their time with us here at Old Adobe.   We take great pride in preparing children for the rest of their lives.

    Kindness, Collaboration and Caring 

    The students at Old Adobe are taught to be good people.  Through explicit lessons on kindness, mindfulness, and growth mindset, our children learn to understand themselves as learners and their important roles in creating a safe and happy classroom and school community. Regular collaborative work on projects and activities through the grades teaches valuable lessons on teamwork, leadership skills, patience, and the joy of learning together.  Restorative discipline practices, friendship groups and conflict resolution processes support students in resolving any interpersonal challenges that arise.   

    The staff, students and families, all work together to make our school a place we can be proud of. We are a diverse and close-knit community where everyone has a voice and is involved in enriching the lives and learning of our children.

    Charter School

    Old Adobe School is a conversion charter school.  We are still very much a part of the Old Adobe Union School District and because we are a charter school we are able to provide some professional development for our teachers, art-based experiences for all of our students, and workshops for our parents.